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Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 (Discontinued product)Hash: 8ed0a091cc258cbecfd31018bf873a7a1c2b78eb

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Age: 03/11/2009
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Bill Gates must have money to burn! enjoy! Michael Rizzo Chessman


Have you ever had to extract data from variously formatted files and organize
them somehow with relative ease? Would you like maintain a database of
information and cross-link tables etc? Create a nicely formatted email listing
for import into your email program? How about write a complete production
comtrol or accounting system for a fortune 500 company? Foxpro does it all! You
could maintain the entire tax records of every individual in the United states
with this program, its that powerful! Sadly, Gates bought this program from its
developers only to sink it. I personally made great money many years ago,
developing custom programs using foxpro for my business clients. If you have a
desire to learn to use a program that can do all this and more, help yourself to
it here as Bill Gates isnt nice enough to just give us a download of it at
Microsoft for free. Its in the distbin instead. Now isnt that just typical
around Microsoft! We found and installed this copy from a free net offered
download recently, my own licenced copy is a few years old. Visit your local
library for books on using foxpro to the fullest.

Michael Rizzo Chessman